Svedala Allis Chalmers 16/50 Gyratory Crusher

For Sale  Svedala 16/50 Gyratory Crusher

Comprising of the following items:

Superior 1650 extra course top shell.  Part No: 442-7085

S50 bottom shell C/W Countershaft Assy. Part No: 442 3093

Superior 1650 gear. Part No: 1-442-6094

Superior 1650 Pinion shaft housing. Part No: 1-442-128-01

Superior 1650 Pinion shaft. Part No: 3-442-1284-01

Superior  1650 Eccentric bush. Part No: 1-442-6094-01

Superior  1650 Main shaft assy. Part No: 1-442-4325-00

Superior 1650 Hydroset cylinder. Part No: 1-442-2692-01

Superior 1650 Top Nut

Superior 1650 Counterweight

Machine is in good condition, is split and can be inspected anytime.

Parts inquiries welcome.

Tel: 0044 2887 725829


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